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Model 63 Storagemaster rolling workbench from Knaack Mfg. features drawers made of 16-ga. steel and powder-coated for extra durability. Load capacity is 1,000 lb. 326 Polyethylene SpillDecks from UltraTech International save valuable floor space and comply with EPA container storage rules. Available in 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-drum configurations, units are narrow enough to allow drums to be stored

Model 63 Storagemaster rolling workbench from Knaack Mfg. features drawers made of 16-ga. steel and powder-coated for extra durability. Load capacity is 1,000 lb.

Polyethylene SpillDecks from UltraTech International save valuable floor space and comply with EPA container storage rules. Available in 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-drum configurations, units are narrow enough to allow drums to be stored in a single row along a wall.

PME Maintenance Scheduler & Equipment Locator software program from KWN Coolware includes a new workorder feature that creates, stores, flags, and prints finished and unfinished workorders. Price: Single user, $379; network (up to 10 users), $679.

Flex-Gear and Flex-Gear HD constant-tension hose clamps from Ideal Div. of Stant are said to produce 40% higher force and 25% greater deflection than competitive clamps, eliminating leak paths that can occur during cool-down and heat-up.

Noncontact infrared thermometers in Raytek's upgraded ST Series provide faster, safer, more accurate temperature readings up to 1400°F. Features include laser sighting, improved optics, and ruggedized design.

Dura-Grip handles make gladhand connections quick and easy and provide leverage for coupling and uncoupling. Available from Sloan Transportation Products, handles are easily installed and are color coded to prevent driver hookup error.

Rite-Flex sectional-door replacement panels can be retrofitted to most sectional doors, and efficiently replace damaged bottom sectional-door panels, according to Rite-Hite Aftermarket. The 24-in.-high panels are made to withstand fork-truck impacts.

Spring-driven hose reels in Aero-Motive's new VPR (Value Plus Reels) come in a variety of sizes and styles. They come with an adjustable guide arm, ratchet lock, four-roller guide, and easy tension adjustment.

Hand-care dispensing system, Dispenser-Mate 5000, includes pump, 1000-ml reservoir, and a wall-mount back plate for custom 4000-ml refill tanks. Most Gent-l-kleen Products lotion hand cleaners and liquid soaps are available in refill tanks.

Portable tire step from Safe Shop Tools fits over tires to provide secure footing for access to engines, windshields, etc. An adjustable steel platform, Stepper II has a neon yellow coating and urethane protective strips to eliminate scratches on chrome or aluminum wheels. Folded size: 5 × 1.45 × 30-in.

Kingpin cap tool kit from Exten speeds removal of king-pin caps and clearing of kingpin cap threads on Mack front axles, 10,500 lb. through 20,000 lb.

Safety brake washer, Grover Manufacturing's Model 17069, uses a fluid ejector nozzle to flush the brake area with biodegradable detergent solution, a brush to comb away loosened dirt, and an air gun for drying.

Steel workbenches and the Magnum line of professional tool-storage cabinets are offered by Waterloo Industries in a broad range of sizes and styles.

Horizon waste-oil heaters from Shenandoah Mfg. are available in sizes of 200,000 and 315,000 Btu, with oil storage tank capacities of 250 and 350 gal.

Hose reels from Aero-Motive are equipped with adjustable guide arm, ratchet lock, four roller guide and tension adjustment. Value Plus Reels (VPR) hold up to 50 ft. of 1/2-in. ID hose or 30 ft. of 3/8-in. hose. Also available in hand crank model with spring tension brake and mounting for floor, wall, workbench or mobile equipment.

Ergonomic tools for trailer repair enable operators to work upright, minimizing strain to back and knees. SFS Stadler's air- and electric-powered tools also reduce vibration to hands and wrists.

Knockdown lifts, available in 1,500-lb. and long-reach 1,200-lb. capacities, are designed for easy assembly and disassembly. Short column post converts any Kaydee lift to a van lift. BlueBird tow lifts are available for heavier applications, up to 3,000 lb.

Oil, fuel emulsifier in spray form reduces odor and flammability of leaks, spills. Petro-Green ADP is a wet-water solution that can be flushed off hard surface onto soil for rapid biodegradation of fuel. EPA-approved.

Fluid handling carts from IFH Group feature integral pumps and load-bearing wheels to accommodate oil, filters, tools, etc., used during lube maintenance. Customized systems also available.

Chassis dynamometer for heavy-duty vehicles has five axles and adjustable wheelbase. Power Test's Model CA2540 is rated to 2,750 hp.; maximum vehicle weight is 150,000 lb. Over 46 in. of automated wheelbase adjustment.

Maintenance software available online for monthly fee. Based on Dossier32 Fleet Maintenance program, Arsenault's 24/7 Fleet Online offers PM scheduling, parts inventory, warranty tracking, etc. Small setup fee. See for live demo.

Mobile lifts systems from Challenger Lifts include the new SVL2000 Series, which is available with four or six mobile columns, with lifting capacities up to 92,400 lb.

Refrigerant recovery unit, Model 342000 Cool-Tech 2K from SPX/ Robinair, automates A/C service. It verifies refrigerant type, recovers, recycles, evacuates, and recharges without constant attention from the user.

Oil analyzer from Wilks Enterprises measures soot concentration up to 12% in less than 30 seconds. The portable Infracal Soot Meter provides one-step analysis of engine oil on-site without sample preparation or solvents.

Wheel nut security ring protects against loose or missing wheel nuts and wheel damage. LugLock from Normark Industries is press-fit to wheel nuts by hammer blows to caps. Grips unit like a socket, regardless of position.

Surface degreaser, cleaner for machinery, tools and countertops. Shop Towel Plus from Interstate Products Inc. is a disposable, premoistened cloth with rough and smooth sides for one-step cleaning. Safe for hands and skin.

Parts spray washer uses no solvents in 500-lb. capacity system. Kleer-flo's Spraymaster 730 offers front loading and swing-down spray arm for small parts. Seven-day programmable timer.

Battery/coolant tester from Kernco Insruments measures concentration of coolants and freezing-point temperature. Model 7186 is a 6-in. handheld refractometer weighing only 7 oz., with adjustable knob for easy calibration. Condition of battery also indicated.

Recycling equipment from Advance Lifts includes pallet munchers, which chew up pallets; box balers, which crush and bale corrugated boxes; drum crushers, which pancake 55-gal. steel drums down to 4 in.; and an in-drum compactor.

Vehicle-care products from Cyclo include Rally line of cream and liquid waxes, liquid wash; and No. 7 line of compounds, detail cleaners and polishes.

The Centeron wireless tank-level monitoring system and other control products are featured in a product line bulletin from Robertshaw Industrial Products.

Labels that stick on oily/greasy surfaces and are resistant to a wide range of chemicals are available in 21 styles and 3 sizes from Seton Identification Products.

High-pressure washer uses flash evaporator to heat water for cleaning and then turn it into dry ash for zero discharge. WashMaster Mark IV from RGF also provides heat for facility.

Mechanic aide for single-person installation/removal of clutches, flywheels, etc. RLJ Tool Design's portable device swivels 360 deg. on the base for easier installation of heavy parts.

Magnafire 3000 floodlight uses high intensity discharge lamp technology, making it possible to light up a nighttime work scene directly from a 12V battery, according to Havis-Shields Equipment. No generator or inverter is required.

New SS23CG hose from Parker Hannifin's Hose Products Div. is designed specifically for use with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). Hose uses Parker 26 Series crimp fittings.

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