AME launches new tire inflator

AME launches new tire inflator

AME International, a Florida-based tire service tool manufacturer presented a new durable, handheld digital tire inflator: the Dura-Flate.

The Dura-Flate measures, inflates, and deflates tire with advanced precision and is for use in the industrial, workshop, automotive and fleet service industries, the company said. Powered by two AAA batteries, the Dura-Flate provides 80 hours of battery life.

“If you’re looking for an inflator that’s fast, accurate and the most durable unit in production this is it,” said Brett Waggoner, vice president of AME International. “We’ve had our market research team try running it over, throwing it around the shop and the Dura-Flate never fails. Inflates, deflates and reads pressure all with extreme accuracy. This save tire dealers time and isn’t going to fail when dropped or abused.”

“The backlit LCD screen with an auto-off function to preserve battery life makes the Dura-Flate ideal for all fleet service trucks and tire shops,” the company added. “Sold with an official calibration certificate within attractive retail packaging, the Dura-Flate is sure to become an AME best seller amongst tire service professionals.”

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