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Azuga's maintenance module add-on searches for savings

Azuga's maintenance module add-on searches for savings

Fleet management systems provider Azuga announced a new add-on to its Maintenance software module that looks for coupons and price deals to save on parts, service and repairs.

Azuga Maintenance monitors vehicles and alerts businesses about service needs before issues arise, according to the company. The new Azuga Deals add-on to the module takes those alerts and automatically searches for local coupons related to the parts and preventive services needed.

The company cites research that businesses spend an average of more than $860 annually on maintenance for passenger (light) vehicles. Azuga Deals promises to reduce that figure by $100+ per year. It's "an added bonus to the hundreds of dollars already being saved by performing preventive maintenance to avoid unscheduled downtime caused by parts failures," according to Azuga.

Here's more from Azuga on how this new add-on works:

"Azuga Deals leverages data sciences to analyze each vehicle's location, operating data and maintenance intervals. We then identify relevant offers and savings from nearby retailers and service providers. Azuga Deals makes it easy for fleet owners to get savings on the parts and services they already purchase."


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