The benefits of managing your repair schedules automatically

The only thing more frustrating than having a truck down is having a truck down and no information about what’s going on with the repair…or even if the actual repair process has started.

While periodic updates about the status of the repair are helpful, given the workload of most service locations, chances are unless you call the service provider directly, you won’t be hearing from them.

They will call if they need authorization for additional repairs, but they don’t have the time to let you know how the repair is progressing and in some cases, it may be hours after the repair has been completed before you get a call to pick-up your truck.

Knowing what is going on throughout the repair process will give you peace of mind. But it also helps with decision-making as it relates to repowering a load, assigning a driver, and determining when the asset can be put back on the delivery schedule.

One way to bring order to the chaos of the repair process is to use one of the automated the service event management programs available on the market. There are programs available now that give you visibility into the repair process; you can monitor the repair’s progress without having to speak with the service provider.

These services also provide automatic notifications of status updates based on criteria you have selected. If you don’t feel the time is right for you to move to these systems perhaps you can learn some lessons from them that will allow you to streamline your own repair process.

In addition, a great deal of time is wasted during a repair with missed phone calls alerting you that you need to take action before the repair can continue. Automated programs send emails or text messages so you don’t have to be at your desk to respond. And you can reply in-kind so the service provider is not waiting around for your response or authorization.

By tracking repair progress, it’s easier to schedule the truck back into service once you have an accurate idea of when the repair will actually be finished.

And at the conclusion of the repair, you’ll get a final notification that the truck is ready to be picked up.

With today’s premium on uptime, having real time information while your trucks are being repaired can be a real competitive advantage.


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