Chief offers Chassis Liner frame rack in custom packages

The Chassis Liner Heavy-Duty Trucker is available from Chief distributors to provide a pulling package for repairing a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks, trailers, buses and recreational vehicles. The pulling system is built on a multiuse platform so it can be customized to meet any heavy-duty shop’s needs for less than the cost of a rail system, Chief notes.

“The Heavy-Duty Trucker is built to repair everything from a half-ton pickup to a triple-rail cement truck, and everything in between,” says TJ Schultz, Chief northern division sales manager. “For shops that focus on any variety of repairs, including trailer roll-over work, axle corrections, trailer re-crowning, passenger buses, or other specialties, we can provide an enhanced, affordable pulling package to meet the need.”

Available in 32-ft., 40-ft. or custom bed lengths, the Heavy-Duty Trucker frame rack features a drive-on deck that provides access to the vehicle being repaired. The company added that the modular design of the Heavy-Duty Trucker allows for precise holding, pulling and pushing anywhere around the bed, providing technicians with a wide variety of options to bring larger vehicle frames back into alignment.

It is available with four, six or eight 7-ft.-tall cab towers, providing 360-degrees of pulling with 25-tons of pulling power, and two pulls per tower. Laser-cut tie-downs are located in the inner and outer portion of the treadways, and there are center hold pockets for additional tie-downs and anchoring. A jacking beam allows for pushing up on frames.

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