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Cummins releases Inline 7 service tool

Cummins announced the release of Inline 7, a wired and wireless datalink adapter. According to the company, Inline 7 is the only adapter offering Wi-Fi(R) and Bluetooth wireless connectivity while also providing traditional wired functionality via USB.

Inline 7 is fully compliant with the Technology and Maintenance Council's RP1210 standard, and supports three simultaneous CAN connections and 250K, 500K and 1M baud rates, Cummins said. It added that Inline 7 also supports several other protocols such as J1708, J1587, ISO 15765 and ISO 9141 (K and L lines).

"The Inline 7 datalink adapter redefines connectivity, and is a key enabler for improving productivity and efficiency of service events for shop operations. We are excited to offer a product with the technology required for future diagnostic apps," said Ryan Kikendall, director of service event solutions.

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