Dickinson partners with DHL

Dickinson Fleet Services has partnered with DHL to provide national fleet management and maintenance services.

“With our experience and investment in training and technology Dickinson Fleet Services is well suited to handle the challenges of today’s modern fleet and we will be able to leverage our mobile technology and incorporate maintenance data from DHL directly to our technicians in the field via their individual tablets,” said Bob Dickinson, chief executive officer.

Dickinson said DHL has made significant investments in adding and upgrading its fleet to the latest in modern vehicle technology.

“The use of alternative fuels and mobile technology increase the need to have a partner such as Dickinson Fleet Services that clearly understands and embraces the ever-changing landscape of fleet management and maintenance,” according to the company.

Ted Coltrain, executive vice president and general manager at Dickinson said the company has made significant investments in the development of proprietary technology to improve its customer’s fleet management operations.

“Our investments in technology and training have resulted in programs and equipment necessary for today’s modern fleet vehicles,” he said. “Mobile technology along with DFS’s TRAIT program and WebWrench technology has set DFS apart from other fleet maintenance providers.”

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