J. J. Keller whitepaper to help carriers prepare for Brake Safety Week

J. J. Keller whitepaper to help carriers prepare for Brake Safety Week

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) will conduct its annual Brake Safety Week Sept. 11-17, 2016. In recognition of Brake Safety Week, J. J. Keller & Associates is offering a free whitepaper, The Importance of Brakes: Key Components, Inspection and Maintenance. The whitepaper explains how air brakes function and details the measures necessary to keep brake systems in good condition.

“While Brake Safety Week is all about inspections and compliance, it’s important to remember why the brakes on a commercial vehicle are so critical,” said Tom Bray, transportation management expert at J. J. Keller & Associates. “Brakes are your drivers’ primary tools for avoiding or minimizing accidents. If they are not operating correctly, which is confirmed through maintenance and inspections, your vehicles could end up in serious crashes that could have been avoided.”

Law enforcement will check large trucks and buses for loose or missing parts; air or hydraulic fluid leaks; worn linings, pads, drums or rotors; and other faulty brake system components. Defective or out-of-adjustment brakes will result in the vehicle being placed out of service. Brake violations resulted in 43% of all out-of-service violations during CVSA’s Roadcheck inspection event in June 2015.

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