John Bean released its VSeries of wheel alignment systems

John Bean released its V-Series of wheel alignment systems.

John Bean offers new V-Series of wheel alignment systems

John Bean announced its V-Series of wheel alignment systems are designed to “help shops reduce alignment times while, at the same time, increase accuracy.”

“John Bean V-Series aligners offer a wide array of options that fit the needs of any shop, whether they perform one alignment a day or one an hour,” said Adam Brown, product manager for John Bean. “V-Series aligners provide the smallest, lightest-weight targets and wheel clamps that we have ever offered, plus a much simpler, intuitive operation. The V-Series will help shops accurately perform more alignment jobs more quickly, increasing shop efficiency, productivity and profitability.”

According to the company, the John Bean V-Series of wheel alignment system includes:

  • V3400 – Mobility, precision and ease-of-use
  • V3300 – Provides fast and precise alignments and its notification system gives the user data to help prevent mistakes
  • V2400 – Combines OEM features, precision accuracy and features with a conventional imaging aligner design
  • V2300 – Improves productivity for high-volume shops
  • V2200 – Interface, software and customizable workflows for advanced alignment service
  • V1200 – Installation, measurement, maintenance and service with a compact design that functions in shorter bay lengths with less space required in front of the lift
  • V3450 – Enables the user to run a check in under a minute inside the shop or on the service drive. Features AC400 wheel clamps that attach with a single fast-action adjustment knob and only make contact with the tire.

To learn more about John Bean V-Series of Wheel Alignment Systems and other wheel service products, call 877-482-4866.

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