Lincoln Tech to bring CNG training to Denver campus

Enhanced Diesel Technology program will add CNG classes to long-standing diploma program

Lincoln Educational Services Corporation announced that it will begin offering training in compressed natural gas (CNG) systems as part of an expanded diesel career training program at its campus in Denver, CO. 

“Alternative fuel systems like compressed natural gas are the environmentally-friendly future of the diesel and transportation industry,” says Lincoln’s president and CEO Scott Shaw.  “Our partners in the diesel and truck industry are increasingly turning to these alternative fuels in order to increase the efficiency of their fleets and become more environmentally conscientious.  The versatile alternative fuels industry has become critical to the nation’s economic future and Lincoln Tech aims to provide the skilled technicians to sustain it.”

“Lincoln students are training and preparing for the future of compressed natural gas, hybrid and electric drive vehicles,” says Steve Buchenot, Lincoln Tech’s group president. “Colorado is one of the leading states in this field.  Natural gas fields such as CNG are clean, abundant and inexpensive.  Based on industry advisor comments, we expect that they will be sought by fleets, manufacturers and vehicle service providers thanks to their advanced knowledge in this expanding field.”

Shaw adds that the new offering is the latest example of Lincoln Tech’s drive to innovate with programs that meet the evolving needs of the industries supported by Lincoln’s career training programs.  “The addition of alternative fuel technology at our Denver campus is in line with our mission to position our students for career success after graduation,” he says.  “We will continue to seek out new paths, new technologies, and new programs to offer so that our graduates will possess the skill sets hiring managers want to see.”

Through the Diesel & Truck with Alternative Fuel Technology training program, students will receive hands-on training with diesel engines, brakes, fuel systems and more. They will build skills for disassembling and reassembling engines, inspecting all system components, and working with the science behind CNG, hybrid and electric drive vehicles.

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