Meritor announces all-makes clutches, better brake corrosion coating

LAS VEGAS.  A new line of all-makes replacement clutches and advanced corrosion coatings for new and remanufactured brakes shoes headlined replacement market product announcements from Meritor Inc. at the 2016 Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week conference.  

The new Meritor AllFit replacement clutches include manual and self-adjusting models covering heavy-duty, medium-duty, light-duty and off-road trucks. They feature high-performance friction material and new critical interior components, and come with a one-year warranty that includes labor reimbursement up to $800.

The manual-adjust models cover torque ratings from 620 to 2,250 lbs. ft. with 14-in. and 15.5-in. sizes. The self-adjusting AllFit is 15.5-in. x 2-in. fitted with seven or nine springs in four-paddle and six-paddle configurations.  A new catalog with accessory and installation details has also been released with the new replacement clutch line.

A third generation of Meritor’s anti-corrosion coating will not be standard on the company’s new and remanufactured brake shoes. PlatinumShield III improves coating adhesion compared to the original version introduced in 2009, resulting in longer corrosion resistance, according to the company.

In other replacement part news, Meritor announced the FastSet King Pin Kit for front axle repairs.  The kit eliminates the need for reamers or presses, allowing king pin bushings to be installed by hand. A groove pattern design also allows grease to more easily reach high-wear areas, according to the company.

On the service side, Meritor announced a partnership with, an online system for locating qualified service centers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as managing service rates and contracts. The system will now point users to independent Meritor Service Point providers.

The company has also launched a series of videos to help fleets and drivers improve pre-trip vehicle inspections. Part of Meritor’s “Cover Your Assets” program, the new videos focus on key roadside inspection violations, offering advice on how to identify and correct component issues during a pre-trip.

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