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Mitchell 1 TruckSeries improvements aim to make technicians more efficient

As the complexity of modern vehicles grows this ‘high-powered search engine’ helps fleets find problems quickly and get trucks back on the road.

ATLANTA — Commercial vehicles are getting more complicated. To help technicians navigate modern trucks,  Mitchell 1 made recent advancements to its TruckSeries suite of web-based software that can help make repairs of trucks and get them back on the road quicker.

“There are so many sensors on trucks these days and so many different systems,” said Scott DeGiorgio, Mitchell 1’s general manager, during a press conference at the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) Show at the Georgia World Congress Center. “Even after I identify an issue, the technician still needs to find the exact spot of the problem, which is growing more complicated." 

“It’s not possible to remember this on all the different engines and all the different vehicles they’re working on in the course of a day," he continued. "Even if it’s a fleet with just a couple of brands of vehicles, the complexity and the differences between them are a lot. And it’s important that they have the information they need, so they’re not doing work twice, they don’t have comebacks — and worst-case scenario, a vehicle breaks down after I do a repair as it’s going down the street."

TruckSeries provides access to complete labor estimating, diagnostic trouble code procedures, and repair information for all makes of medium- and heavy-duty trucks in a single application. The data also includes electric-powered vehicles. 

“We are committed to continuously enhancing our software to provide all the information required to correctly diagnose and repair any make of truck in the fastest and least complicated way possible,” DeGiorgio said. “Our company started over 100 years ago with industry-leading printed repair manuals and is now providing the most complete web-based software for today’s commercial vehicles. And we are not done — many future advancements are on the horizon.”

Mitchell 1’s 1Search Plus interface, as well as the company’s newly enhanced wiring diagrams, use intelligent navigation to speed up the work of the technician by taking him or her directly to the information required with fewer clicks. “The less time a truck is down for repair, the more time it is available to produce revenue,” DeGiorgio commented.

The 1Search Plus interface, which DeGiorgio called a “high-powered search engine,” streamlines search and navigation for diagnostic and repair information specific to the vehicle being serviced. A technician selects the vehicle he or she is working on, enters a search term for the type of repair required, and 1Search Plus brings together all relevant information in a user-friendly layout.

Mitchell 1’s enhanced wiring diagrams show the specific component diagram with the related wires automatically highlighted. Mitchell 1’s wiring diagrams have been a core feature of the company’s commercial vehicle repair software since it was first introduced to the industry in 2006. Now, the new navigation feature speeds up the search process and quickly opens the right diagram for the component being searched without the need to scroll through multiple pages.

Mitchell 1 says its TruckSeries is the only comprehensive repair information software suite of its kind available for Class 4-8 trucks. It provides a single log-in, all-makes data resource with scalable wiring diagrams, digital pictures, DTC-to-diagnostics, and more. 

TruckSeries is integrated with Manager SE Truck Edition, truck shop management software from Mitchell 1 that provides an end-to-end solution for every step of the repair process.

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