Mitchell 1 updates RepairConnect interface Mitchell 1

Mitchell 1 updates RepairConnect interface

JPRO enhancement streamlines repairs, boosts technician efficiency

NASHVILLE.  Mitchell 1, whose products includes a complete line of integrated software solutions to help maintenance and repair shops improve productivity and profitability, has updated the interface between its RepairConnect diagnostic trouble code troubleshooting tool and Noregon’s JPRO Professional commercial fleet diagnostics software.

This update is designed to give technicians streamlined access to TruckSeries, the latest version of Mitchell 1’s repair information for Class 4-8 trucks, the company explained at the Technology and Maintenance Council Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition here.

The RepairConnect module in TruckSeries includes all of the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) content and procedures in the previous version, but through the updated interface delivers the data faster and in a more user friendly experience, the company said. TruckSeries also includes enhancements to vehicle selection, printing, search capabilities and may be accessed from a wider range of Internet browsers.

RepairConnect automatically communicates comprehensive repair information for any diagnostic trouble code identified by Noregon’s JPRO Professional software. TruckSeries is a comprehensive repair information software suite for Class 4-8 trucks, giving truck technicians a one-stop data resource with scalable wiring diagrams, digital pictures, DTC-to-diagnostics and more, delivered in seconds.


“How do I fix it? This application takes a trouble code and passes it to the app. It will give you all of the specs you need to do the repair,” said Scott DeGiorgio, general manager of Mitchell 1’s commercial vehicle group. “The ease of doing pretty complex repairs just got a whole lot easier.”

DeGiorgio contrasted the new system's web-based interface and instant connection to the repair database to the 30-45 minutes it takes for a technician just to find the basic information in an OEM shop manual.

“With RepairConnect in TruckSeries, users will be able to work more efficiently, limit downtime, and quickly return the vehicle to service,” DeGiorgio said.

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