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Gabriel HD Answer Garage

New Gabriel HD Answer Garage offers rewards, training for shock service shops

Vehicle shock absorber pioneer Gabriel has launched the Gabriel HD Answer Garage, a rewards and training program for heavy-duty shock service professionals in the U.S. It's available at no cost and offers maintenance shop technicians and counter personnel rewards, training, promotions, videos, and business tools.

The program provides the heavy-duty market information on the benefits of new shocks and awards points to installers for Gabriel HD sales. Program members earn points on each sale of Gabriel FleetLine and GasSLX shocks that can be redeemed for rewards including power tools, compressors, gift cards, or other items.  

"This official launch to the HD installer market is the next phase of our rewards program," said Jonathon Gore, director of marketing at Gabriel. "We plan to add more education, training, rewards items, and promotional opportunities in the near future." 

Learn more or sign up at or visit for more Gabriel HD info and resources.


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