NGVi offers heavy-duty maintenance, diagnostics training

NGVi's Heavy-Duty NGV Maintenance and Diagnostics Training is a three-day, intensive course for technicians with at least basic skills in heavy-duty repair, who will be diagnosing and maintaining heavy-duty natural gas vehicles.

Training will be offered Oct. 6-8 in Chicago and Oct. 20-22 in Dallas, TX.

“What sets this training apart is that it instructs technicians on the entire fuel system—not just the engine—from the fuel receptacle all the way through the emissions system,” according to NGVi. “This course includes operational theory, with comprehensive hands-on exercises including component identification, instruction on servicing the high-pressure filter, electrical testing of the solenoid valves, leak testing, and more. The class prepares technicians for successful completion of the ASE H1 Alternative Fuels certification exam.”

According to NGVi, participants will learn the following:

•             Properties and characteristics of natural gas

•             Both high- and low-pressure CNG fuel system components and maintenance

•             CNG vehicle maintenance safety practices

•             CNG vehicle defueling

•             Cummins ISLG and ISX engine operation

•             Cummins ISLG and ISX engine diagnostics

•             Cummins ISLG and ISX engine maintenance

•             LNG vehicle fuel system components and operation

•             LNG vehicle maintenance safety practices

•             LNG vehicle defueling

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