Noregon releases JPRO 2015 V2, Detroit Diesel module

Noregon Systems recently released JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics 2015 v2.

According to the company, the updated features are immediately available on new copies of 2015 v2. Those with current JPRO licenses with active support agreements can download the update directly.

Updates to JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics 2015 v2 include:

•         Support for PACCAR 2010 and newer CAN body controllers

•         Ability to clear faults for PACCAR MX engines

•         Support for proprietary sensor data on Detroit engines

•         New Power Diagram in Data Monitor section to aid in the diagnosis of electrical problems

In conjunction with the launch of JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics 2015 v2, Noregon is releasing the JPRO Command Module – Detroit Diesel as an add-on annual subscription to the JPRO Heavy-Duty Module. The new module covers model years 2000-2014 and includes bi-directional controls for Detroit Diesel Engines (EPA, ‘00, ‘04, ‘07, ’10 and ‘13) and Detroit Diesel 50-60 series - DD13, DD15, DD16. New features include:

•         Cylinder Cut-Off for 2000-2014 Detroit Diesel engines

•         DPF Service Regen for 2007-2014 Detroit Diesel engines

The company said the JPRO Professional Diagnostic Toolbox (p/n 263025-NS) is an all-in-one, PC-based kit for heavy-duty, all makes-all models, diagnostics and repair. Noregon is also offering customized solutions based on the needs of the shop, including: the new JPRO Professional Diagnostic Toolbox Adapter Kit, the JPRO Professional – Heavy-Duty Command Bundle (complete with JPRO Next Step and the JPRO Command Modules for Mack, Volvo and Detroit Diesel).

“As commercial vehicles become increasingly complex, we continue to make significant investments in updating our software so that our customers have the latest functionality, including expanded coverage, proprietary data, bi-directional commands and parameter resets for the most popular engines,” said Greg Reimmuth, senior VP of sales and marketing for Noregon. “Now with the JPRO Professional software bundle, the comprehensive coverage of JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostic (CVD) software can be enhanced with the ability to perform some of the crucial commanded tests on Mack, Volvo and Detroit Diesel engines. Existing JPRO CVD license holders also have the ability to upgrade to JPRO Professional if they so choose.”

“JPRO continues to be the technician’s choice for heavy-duty diagnostics,” Reimmuth added. “Our all-makes, all-models diagnostics solution for fleets, dealers, independent repair and municipalities has grown into the tens of thousands of license holders worldwide. And our North American studies show that approximately 75% of the time, JPRO Professional software and JPRO Next Step is all that is needed to fix a truck.”

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