Permatex releases brake parts lubricant

Lubricant protects against seizing, reduces noise, company says

Permatex announced it offers Permatex Silicone Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant to prevent disc brake squeal and chatter while protecting caliper pins, sleeves, bushings, and pistons against seizing and galling.

“Permatex Silicone Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant features a 100% silicone, non-petroleum based formula fortified with a high concentration of high temperature ceramic-solids to deliver excellent performance on all sliding surfaces,” according to the company. “The new lubricant will not melt and can handle a wide temperature range from -50 degrees F to 3000 degrees F. It will not wash out and is designed to last throughout the life of the brake pad.”

“Permatex Silicone Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant lasts longer than ordinary caliper greases and disc brake quiet products,” the company added. “It is 100% compatible with internal/external brake rubber and plastic hardware, including ethylene-propylene rubber and metal components. This innovative lubricant can be applied to a backing plate or shim as a noise suppressor, dampening the natural vibration frequencies that cause caliper brake squeal.”

Key applications include: Sleeves, bushings, inboard and outboard pads, disc brake calipers, caliper pins, pistons, and abutment clips. It is available in 0.5 oz. squeeze tube (#24129) and 8 fl. oz. bottle with built-in applicator (#80653).

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