Prestolite introduces Leece-Neville heavy-duty alternators

Prestolite Electric has introduced two families of Leece-Neville heavy duty alternators that deliver output at low engine speeds. The new IdlePro and IdlePro Extreme alternators feature technologies that help extend battery life and increase vehicle uptime by enhancing electrical system and engine performance, according to the company.

“Today’s commercial vehicles are equipped with an impressive array of computer and safety system technologies that depend on a reliable power source,” said Nick Laenen, vice president, North American sales and marketing, Prestolite Electric. “That means maintaining system voltage and ensuring maximum battery life have never been more important. Our new IdlePro and IdlePro Extreme technologies offer proven solutions to these challenges.”

Prestolite Electric’s U.S.-based engineering team worked closely with leading vehicle and system manufacturers in the development of the two new alternator families “to meet the very specific electrical demands of today’s vehicles,” Laenen explained. “Leece-Neville has always been known for providing more amperage at engine idle speed. These two new product families take our performance advantage to an impressive new level while incorporating a variety of additional features that help ensure superior durability.”

Each Leece-Neville IdlePro and IdlePro Extreme alternator also includes Prestolite Electric’s Isolated Ground Technology, which protects engines from potentially severe electrolytic damage caused by stray voltage, the company added.

Leece-Neville IdlePro Alternators (AVI160 & BLP4000 Series – High Amp, Dual Internal Fans) include:

  • 12V: 190-; 210-; 240-; 325-; 350-amp outputs
  • Minimum of 63% output of unit’s rated maximum output at engine idle speed
  • Remote sense capable
  • 125 C, -40 C ratings
  • Isolated Ground Technology
  • Heavy duty housing design

Leece-Neville IdlePro Extreme Alternators (BLP4000 Series – High Amp, Brushless) include:

  • 12V: 220-amp outputs
  • Minimum of 90% output of unit’s rated maximum output (200+ amps) at engine idle speed
  • Remote sense capable
  • Dual cable terminals (B+/B-) positioned laterally and axially
  • 125 C, -40 C ratings
  • Isolated Ground Technology
  • Heavy duty housing design
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