Purkeys amp cuts charging time

Purkeys announced it has developed a 100-amp charger that can charge up to eight batteries in nearly half the time of other chargers. 

According to Purkeys, the PAC can charge these batteries while they remain in the vehicle. “The PAC pushes a lot of current into a battery pack without compromising the safety of the technician or the vehicle,” the company said. “Also, the user-friendly selection menu monitors the voltage to avoid overcharge.”

It can produce 100 amps of electricity for an extended period of time to charge lead acid or absorbed glass matt (AGM) batteries quickly, the company said. Purkey’s noted this is important because the amperage demand of AGM batteries is more than double a typical flooded cell battery’s demand.

“Technicians will enjoy the portable, easy-to-use, and powerful PAC,” the company added. “It is the ideal addition to any shop that services, maintains, or repairs any number of trucks, buses and other heavy-duty vehicles.”

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