Rotary Lift MOD35 Bus

Rotary Lift MOD35 Bus

Rotary lifts now available through NJPA

Rotary Lift’s vehicle lifts are now available through the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) purchasing cooperative, allowing government fleets to streamline the buying process and efficiently outfit their maintenance facilities. Rotary Lift products are part of the NJPA “Fleet Services Parts and Equipment” category, and are offered through NJPA contract #061015-RRL.

Heavy-duty lifts available through the Rotary Lift NJPA contract include the new MOD35 modular inground lift, Mach Series mobile column lift, EFX60 inground scissor lift, parallelogram lift and HDC Series four-post lift. The company said the SPOA10 two-post lift and SmartLift inground lift, which can both be equipped with Rotary Lift’s timesaving Shockwave technology, are available for light-duty applications, along with Shockwave-equipped four-post lifts, alignment lifts and the Y-Lift. Productivity-boosting wheel lifts, adapters and other accessories are also included in the contract.

“Purchasing through Rotary Lift’s new NJPA contract lets government agencies buy equipment with a simple purchase order,” said Chris Bilz, government sales leader. “Since all NJPA contracts are solicited nationally and reviewed by the NJPA board, there’s no need for program participants to individually bid out each purchase. This saves time and resources while still ensuring that the agency receives a competitive price.”

Any government, education or nonprofit agency in the United States can take advantage of Rotary Lift’s NJPA contract. There is no cost to join NJPA, and no minimum purchasing requirements or other commitments. Organizations can join the co-op online at or by calling 888-894-1930.

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