Spicer parts built for downspeeding

Spicer parts built for downspeeding

LAS VEGAS.  Designed specifically to help truck owners take advantage of engine downspeeding for improved fuel economy, over 150 Spicer axle, driveshaft and universal joint parts have been release by Dana during the 2016 Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week conference.  The new aftermarket part numbers cover Spicer AdvanTEC 40 series tandem drive axles and Spicer Life Series SPL 350 driveshafts and universal joints.

While downspeeding heavy-duty engines offer substantial fuel economy benefits, the relatively new practice adds torsional loads and stress to driveshafts, axles and inter-axles shafts.  Including axle carriers, axle housings, axle shafts, yokes, seals, overall kits and power dividers, the new Spicer replacement parts are intended to handle the higher torques created by the new spec’ing approach.

The AdvanTEK 40 tandem is available in final drive ratios as fast as 2.26:1 and can improve overall vehicle efficiency by 2%, according to Dana. Combined with SPL driveshafts, they have a life expectancy of up to one million miles, the company said.

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