Step filtration system to help save time, money

FTG announced that its new step-filtration solution will offer improved efficiencies and extend service intervals. According to FTG, the FS9 System helps customers save time and money.

“A multi-stage filtration solution that consist of 6”x17” housings connected in series,” said Pino Pathak, president. “The primary housing can be fitted with a 50 micron cleanable permanent element or a 30 micron disposable element and the secondary housing allows for either a 30, 10, or 2 micron disposable element. A third housing or more can be added. Step-filtration is known as a best-practice in the industry.”

The flow rate of the FS9 system is up to 300 gallons per hour. It can be used to filter diesel fuel, kerosene, biofuels, gasoline, heating oil, lube oil, hydraulic fluid, and other fluids. Housings can be used as a single, or configured as a two-stage, three-stage, or more - in series, the company said.

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