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Techs in Texas

SAN ANTONIO, TX. Beginning at 7:00 a.m. Monday morning, technicians from Rush Truck Centers across the country competed at the company's 10th anniversary Tech Skills Rodeo. The setup: With 45 minutes on the clock, diagnose what's wrong with trucks across a variety of categories including heavy duty, medium duty, parts and specialty.

Of course, the object is also to get it right and do it quicker than everyone else who takes a laptop and wrench (or other tools, as the case may be) to each particular truck/test type. Finalists were announced Monday night at the Buckhorn Saloon here in the city, and they'll go on to another round on Tuesday — this time wearing black shirts.

Here's a glimpse at some scenes from Tuesday as we looked on while techs worked through the rounds of the competition. 


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