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TMW launches TMT Fleet Maintenance on Geotab Marketplace

Geotab has released TMT Fleet Maintenance from TMW Systems on the Geotab Marketplace, the company announced on Monday. TMT Fleet Maintenance is the latest software add-in to join the Marketplace and is specifically designed to meet the maintenance needs and challenges of heavy-duty vehicle fleets.

TMT Fleet Maintenance from TMW Systems helps fleets avoid costly breakdowns by allowing businesses to schedule accurate preventative maintenance, according to Geotab. By leveraging Geotab’s rich telematics data, TMT Fleet Maintenance utilizes information such as miles driven or hours in operation as well as accurate vehicle position to schedule ongoing and emergency repairs for fleets.

“With this integration between Geotab and TMT Fleet Maintenance, customers can benefit from a direct line between the vehicle, the driver and the shop,” said Scott Vanselous, EVP of marketing & general manager of fleet maintenance solutions at TMW Systems. “The end result is that vehicles are ready to roll when they are needed - not waiting in the shop for parts and not sitting on the side of the road with an unknown fault.”

TMT Fleet Maintenance allows fleets to streamline in-house maintenance and repair organizations as well as track and monitor outsourced maintenance activities for audit and vehicle lifecycle reporting. Additional benefits include DVIR and fault code connectivity and real-time preventative maintenance notifications within TMT.

“TMT Fleet Maintenance enables fleets to improve vehicle uptime, safety and availability,” said Scott Sutarik, associate vice president of commercial vehicle solutions at Geotab. “With this integration from TMW Systems, Geotab is able to provide our heavy truck customers with an actionable solution to help them solve their maintenance challenges.”

TMT Fleet Maintenance is available on the Geotab Marketplace.

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