U.S. Xpress specs Phillips’ Uptime premium trailer package on new units

An order of 1,700 new trailers for U.S. Xpress will include the Phillips’ Uptime premium trailer package of components, Phillips announced.

The Uptime package offers an extended warranty and includes a group of components designed to maximize uptime, keeping trailers on the road, Phillips explained.

“U.S. Xpress has a core obligation to our customers to deliver their products when we promise,” explained Gerry Mead, senior vice president of maintenance at U.S. Xpress. “We are continuously looking for ways that enhance our ability to do that on a consistent basis. Many of the Phillips products included in the Phillips Uptime premium trailer package have been on our trailers for a while now and have a proven track record of dependability which supports our decision to add the entire group of components to our new trailers.” 

“I’m thrilled to have Phillips’ Uptime premium trailer package be the new standard at U.S. Xpress,” said Rob Phillips, president of Phillips Industries. “Gerry is recognized industry-wide as being incredibly diligent of his product specs, and for doing his homework before making decisions.”
The Uptime package includes:

  • Sta-Dry Socket and Noseboxes: All of Phillips’ Sta-Dry products reduce the potential damage from corrosion. Sta-Dry trailer wire management noseboxes protect internal wiring from harsh weather environments and the QCS2 (Quick-Change Socket) offers additional corrosion protection. A premium spec, the Sta-Dry S7 swivel nosebox significantly reduces damage to the electrical cables between the tractor and trailer because the swivel action allows the cable to follow or track the movement of the truck when vehicles are required to move in a tight space.
  • Trailer harnesses and exterior trailer lighting: Sta-Dry harnesses keep moisture and contaminants from penetrating the electrical system. Permalite XT trailer lighting is extremely durable and impact resistant.

Air connectors/filtration system: With the Qwik-E gladhand, trailer brakes are released up to 50% faster than with conventional methods. Additionally, the new Air-Defense system with quick-change cartridge traps debris before it can enter the airlines, keeping them clear.

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