McLeod broadens carrier and brokerage software

McLeod broadens carrier and brokerage software

BIRMINGHAM, AL. McLeod Software has enhanced its Loadmaster IX and PowerBroker II systems with new analysis, efficiency and communications features that “transform base products into requisite tools for success,” said president & founder Tom McLeod today at a press briefing during the annual McLeod Users’ Conference here.

BIRMINGHAM, AL. McLeod Software has enhanced its Loadmaster IX and PowerBroker II systems with new analysis, efficiency and communications features that “transform base products into requisite tools for success,” said president & founder Tom McLeod today at a press briefing during the annual McLeod Users’ Conference here.

The company also unveiled Version 9.0 of its DocumentPower Enterprise integrated solution for document imaging and management and debuted two new tools to enhance its Business Intelligence Framework to expand custom reporting capabilities.

In addition, the firm said it will aid customers seeking financing options through the launch of an internal financing division, McLeod Financial solutions.

“We are in a very strong position to help our customers navigate through the current economic situation,” McLeod stated. He told FleetOwner this was possible thanks to the firm’s complete redevelopment project for both its LoadMaster IX truckload dispatch, accounting and operations product and its PowerBroker II brokerage product that began back in March of 2000.

“By September of this year, we reached Version 9.3 of each product. [Along the way] we have incorporated design changes aimed at making it less labor-intensive for customers to upgrade and have moved legacy customers to the new platform as well. We want our customers to be able to tap into new strategic advantages as quickly as possible,” he added.

McLeod said the base system functionality of Loadmaster and PowerBroker “underwent a thorough review and enrichment process to encompass a multitude of enhancements that can have major cost-saving and revenue-producing impact.”

Highlights applicable to both software systems include:

  • New stored revenue/movement information and a new calculation process provide carriers and brokers access to detailed, prorated cost, revenue and mileage information on each order.
  • Order Entry and Movement list commands enable “true visibility” of critical factors such as freight revenue per mile, total revenue per mile, revenue per total mile, total charge per total distance, pickup/delivery carrier, override pay and extra pay.
  • Accurate custom revenue reports can be produced using search and listing commands.
  • Order Revenue Analysis report provides color charts and graphs for a quick visual summary of revenues, distances and volumes, and allows order sorting and analysis to the most detailed level.
  • New integrated training videos allow quick, as-needed training directly from theLoadMaster and PowerBroker user screens. Customers can add their own training video recordings, so employees will know how and when the company prefers functions be used.
  • McLeod’s Private Notification Network (PNN) is now integrated with the TransCore® 3sixty Connexion web service, to offer carriers PNN tractor updates. This feature allows them to send updates on available tractors to leading loadboard providers while still managing them through the LoadMaster software. Userscan also search TransCore's live loads database.
  • PowerBroker users can search TransCore's live database of available tractors to more efficiently match customer loads with available power units without exiting the PowerBroker system.
  • Order Status Alert enhancement allows companies not using EDI to provide order status updates to customers, shippers, consignees, carriers and other remote users via a user-defined template.

McLeod said DocumentPower Enterprise V9.0 release adds more than 70 advanced features and modules to an integrated solution designed specifically for transportation companies that encompasses document imaging, rendition processing, forms recognition, workflow and report management components.

A key feature is a new touch-screen scanning kiosk module for a company’s driver lounge that is easy to use and maintain, according to the developer. It offers the ability to self-update, send a confirmation receipt directly to the driver’s email address, access scanned documents via the web by confirmation number or date range, and restrict access by requiring a login and password. McLeod said this tool “facilitates faster document delivery so billing can be processed more quickly and reduces the need for truck stop scanning as well as postage and mailing fees.” Also, a centralized security system consolidates all Document Power software security into a single, easy-to-use module.

One of the new Business Intelligence Framework tools is the Business Requirements Life Cycle process. Following a template, it walks users through a step-by step process beginning with the initial information request, through an effective series of questions to ensure that the correct data is gathered and analyzed to deliver the most appropriate and accurate reports and information.

Other new tools include a series of Data Marts (data stored in report-ready format), complete with metrics, reports, graphs, charts and gauges, which customers can modify and customize for their specific operation. These Data Marts are built using tools and techniques that enable customers to immediately create relevant reports customized to their unique business requirements. McLeod noted these tools are provided as part of McLeod Software’s Business Intelligence Framework training workshops.

McLeod Financial Solutions offers flexible bank rate funding options for the purchase of McLeod’s transportation productivity tools. McLeod said customers can be offered a variety of financing options, including 100% financing plans, 0% interest programs and fixed rate long-term financing up to 72 months via a direct relationship with leading banks.

“We know our customers and the products they purchase, as well as how to service the systems,” said Rick Halbrooks, vp of sales & marketing for McLeod Software. “This allows us to match a client’s credit position with the best financial packages available. With McLeod Financial Solutions, obtaining funding to acquire our products will be one less challenge our customers have to face in the marketplace today.”

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