NPTC Safety Conference outlines agenda

The National Private Truck Council’s (NPTC) seventh annual National Safety Conference will be held Sept. 10-11 at the Hyatt Dulles in Herndon, VA, just outside Washington, DC

The National Private Truck Council’s (NPTC) seventh annual National Safety Conference will be held Sept. 10-11 at the Hyatt Dulles in Herndon, VA, just outside Washington, DC.

This year’s conference has been designed to optimize return-on-investment, according to Greg Whisenant, CTP, transportation safety manager for Shaw Industries Group and chair of the NPTC Safety Committee.

“Private fleets have earned a reputation for unsurpassed safety excellence,” said Whisenant. “According to NPTC’s 2009 Benchmarking Survey, private fleets reported a rate of 0.78 crashes per million miles, better than the performance registered by the trucking industry as a whole. Such strong performance can be attributed to building a culture of operational excellence, forged through continuous learning, training and best practices. One outstanding opportunity to enhance safety performance will occur at the seventh annual National Safety Conference.”

The program will focus on these topics:

  • Creating a Culture of Safety: Find out how two private fleets successfully established a culture of safety and how it has already produced dividends.
  • Safety for the Long Haul: Large Truck Crash Risk, Causation, and Prevention: Understand the critical information needed to support the safety initiatives, strategies and management philosophies to improve safety of commercial trucking operations.
  • CSA 2010: Learn how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration plans to achieve its mission of reducing commercial motor vehicle (CMV) crashes, fatalities, and injuries through ways of identifying high-risk carrier and driver behaviors and applying a wide range of interventions to correct these behaviors before they become chronic and habitual.
  • NPTC Best Practices Safety Guide: Identify any gaps and opportunities in your existing fleet risk management approach by investigating your performance in a number of safety related areas including leadership; culture; screening and selection; orientation and training; driver well-being; regulatory compliance; safety performance monitoring; motivation and reinforcement; incident management; vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance; and social responsibility.
  • Accident Reconstruction and Commercial Vehicle Crash Scene Management: Increase your knowledge about proper documentation of crash scene physical evidence, which is one of the most important phases in the commercial vehicle accident reconstruction process, assessing fault and determining liability.
  • Safety Technology Review: Examine the federal government’s evaluation of the effectiveness of active safety technologies.
  • Inoculating Your Fleet from Liability Exposure-An Attorney’s Perspective: Learn from a practicing attorney how your fleet may be vulnerable and what you can do to help shield your operation from such claims.
  • The Role for Truck Fleets in Enhancing Transportation Safety: Develop real-world solutions to truck safety issues instead of simply trying to assign blame.
  • National Driver All-Stars Recognition: Join NPTC in recognizing the best ambassadors of private fleet customer service.

For more information about the National Safety Conference, or to register for the meeting, go to NPTC’s web site at

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