Aerodynamic system for tandem axle tractors

Aerodynamic system for tandem axle tractors

LOUISVILLE, KY. FlowBelow has introduced a new tandem fairing aerodynamic kit that it said produces up to $1,850 in fuel costs savings per year according to SAE J1321 Type II testing.

The company is showing its AeroKit this week at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The Tractor AeroKit consists of tandem fairings located between and behind the rear wheels of the truck as well as quick release aerodynamic wheel covers. All together these components work as a complete aerodynamic system to minimize drag and improve fuel economy, the company said.

FlowBelow estimates payback of the system to be about 9 months.

The AeroKit is easy to install and requires no drilling or welding. Lightweight and durable, the system provides tool-free access to wheels and comes in either black or chrome.

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