Dometic showing a/c systems, refrigerators

Dometic showing a/c systems, refrigerators

LOUISVILLE. Dometic Group is features its air conditioning systems and drawer refrigerators this week at its booth at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Among the products on display are battery-operated air conditioning systems, drawer refrigerators, coolers, cleaning supplies and air fresheners.

“Dometic is continuously innovating products that bring comfort and convenience to drivers. Whether it’s keeping them cool on hot summer nights, or providing refrigeration for cold drinks and fresh food, our products offer trucking professionals the comforts of home when out on the road,” said James Kerrigan, vice president of OEM sales in Dometic’s Commercial and Passenger Vehicle division.

One of the featured products is Dometic’s split-system BliZZard air conditioning unit.
“Our new and improved split-system BliZZard battery-powered air conditioning system lets drivers eliminate fuel consumption when resting while still enjoying a comfortable sleeping temperature in their cabs,” said Kerrigan. “The BliZZard is powerful, durable, compact and efficient.”

The auxiliary a/c unit allows drivers to cool sleeper cabs without running the truck’s engine. BliZZard provides 10-plus hours of cooling and has a smart digital thermostat. It is made of heavy-duty materials that are vibration and corrosion resistant.

Available in 7,000 and 10,000 BTU models, the battery-powered split system allows the noise of the condenser unit to remain outside while the quieter evaporator unit blows cool air to the cab’s interior, Dometic explained.

Also on display are commercial-grade rooftop air conditioners have been tested to run for 30 hours or more under extreme vibrations. The units weight just 91 lbs. and feature galvanized steel.

The company’s CD line of drawer refrigerators are designed to make intelligent use of the limited space in vehicle cabs by turning empty niches into a practical cold storage space for drinks and food. The rugged, durable CD Series comes in three models – the CD20, offering 20L capacity that fits under a truck seat, the CD30, offering 30L capacity and the CD-50, with 50L of capacity.

“Whether built-in or portable, Dometic has refrigerators to fit the needs of any driver,” said Kerrigan. “Our CD drawer refrigerators are easy to access, and our CF coolers can even provide deep-freezing capabilities on the road.”

Visitors to the Dometic booth will also find the CF series of portable refrigerators, TropiCool thermoelectric coolers, Dometic D line of cleaning products, and Dometic’s new D Odor Absorb Supreme, which absorbs odors.

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