Inspection bypass, toll payment services offered in new service

LOUISVILLE, KY. A new service from Drivewyze Inc. will enable inspection station bypass and toll-payment services for users. The Drivewyze service leverages a web- and GPS-based technology platform for its operation.

The system also adds visual and auditory notifications to assist drivers in making good decisions while on the road, Drivewyze said.

“The Drivewyze service is designed to keep drivers moving, while providing real-time information to support road safety and traffic congestion relief,” said Brian Heath, president.

The Drivewyze application adds transponder functionality to iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones or other in-cab technologies and connects to the Drivewyze service regardless of where a driver travels.

The new inspection bypass service works with both permanent and mobile inspection stations without being restricted by in-cab transponder devices or roadside hardware.

The system will be available with both long haul and local service options this summer, the company said.

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