New modular trailer skirt

LOUISVILLE, KY. Online company is showing its new Super-Skirt System, a “next-generation” trailer side skirt this week at the Mid-American Trucking Show.

The Super-Skirt is a modular design with 2-ft. wide panels that interlock for quick and easy installation, the company said. Because of this, the skirt can be used on trailers of various sizes by simply adding more panels. Design features include the elimination of cross-member braces under the trailer body, made possible due to the built-in stanchion support structures that secure every panel onto the trailer i-beams with two galvanized J-bolts.

Additional features include a rigid dimensional shape to disrupt laminar airflow to maintain directional control of the air, thereby reducing surface drag and preventing wind from slipping under the trailer, and strategic placement of aft-facing safety reflectors out of the slipstream that create additional visibility and safety for passing vehicles.

The skirt provides 6% fuel savings with a return on investment in as little as three months, the company said.

“The new Super-Skirt System has so many unique features never offered before in trailer side skirts. This is what made Repstar Agencies very interested in marketing Mr. [Brian] Kronemeyer’s new product invention. I specifically liked the new interlocking panel design and the value price point, which makes the skirt system very attractive for fleets looking for a quick and easy ROI on their aerodynamic add-on investments,” said Marc Palud, of

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