New variable fan drive offering

New variable fan drive offering

LOUISVILLE, KY. A new variable fan drive from Horton is being shown this week at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The Modulator RCV250 fully variable fan drive integrates a belt-driven fan drive with a lighter, compact design engineered to turn larger fans that require higher torque, the company said.

The Modulator RCV250’s variable operation reduces fan noise, increases fuel efficiency and available horsepower. Its design and lower parts count result in reduced initial, replacement and maintenance costs when compared to a viscous fan drive and drive hub combination, Horton said. Also, at the end of its lifecycle, the product can be returned to Horton for remanufacturing.

The Modulator RCV250 is compatible with Horton’s fan technology, including WindMaster Revolution high-efficiency, hybrid-flow fans. The new fan drive is directly controlled and managed by the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU). It can be combined with Horton’s Di Controller for precision cooling.

 “The Modulator RCV250 fully variable fan drive is engineered to meet the increased cooling and airflow requirements of today’s hotter-running engines,” said Dave Hennessy, vice president of marketing and product management. “Modulator RCV250 fan drives are for use with larger fans that have more torque and inertia. They are integrated to work smarter and to save fuel.”

Features of the product include an integral fan speed sensor for close-loop control and a magnetic design that speeds reaction time, which in turn increases modulation and cooling. According to the company, the reservoir, actuator and valve system allow for faster response time and lower off-speed to maximize efficiency.

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