Online tire inflation pressure calculator

Online tire inflation pressure calculator

LOUISVILLE, KY. Yokohama Tire Corp. is showing a new online inflation pressure calculator this week here at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The calculator recommends appropriate inflation levels, thus preventing under-inflation or over-inflation that are often the culprit behind the most common tire wear and tire damage, the company said.

“Tires are the third-largest expense for fleets and so optimizing their service life for longevity and fuel efficiency is a critical business activity, especially in today’s economy,” said Rick Phillips, Yokohama director of commercial sales.  “The inflation pressure calculator is designed to optimize the performance of commercial tires on the steer axle, drive axle and trailer axle based on load rating and whether a truck has a single or tandem configuration. This allows for specific recommendations to be returned, making the calculator that much more helpful in positively impacting a truck’s operation.”

The calculator also connects users to local Yokohama dealers, product experts, and the company’s fuel savings calculator, which calculates the savings gained from using fuel-efficient tires from Yokohama.

“The inflation pressure and fuel savings calculators provide a one-stop shop for commercial fleet owners and managers looking to save money and maximize performance,” said Phillips.

The Yokohama inflation pressure calculator can be found in the tool chest within the commercial Web section at

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