Rail-mounted CNG fuel systems unveiled

Rail-mounted CNG fuel systems unveiled

LOUISVILLE, KY. A new line of rail-mounted compressed natural gas fuel systems has been unveiled by Agility Fuel Systems, a designer and producer of alternative fuel storage and delivery systems. The line, available for Class 7 and Class 8 tractors, were introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The systems are designed to fit with today’s aerodynamically styled tractors and include an outer cover made from composite material for impact protection. The tanks are also attached to the rail with specially engineered break-away brackets for added protection in an accident. An embedded wire in the composite material alerts the driver if damage is detected.

For further protection, Agility has replaced steel mounting straps with composite straps and extruded rubber strap guides that prevent tank rotation.

“Our new CNG systems are developed to the very specific needs of class 7 and 8 trucks, making natural gas more usable in the largest segment of the truck industry,” said Barry Engle, CEO. “We are really excited about the growth potential that these products will represent for Agility and to the wider adoption of natural gas in the truck industry.”

The tanks, which include an integrated fuel management module, are available in strap- or neck-mounted in capacities ranging from 29 to 63 diesel gallons equivalent.

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