Update results in AOBRD compliance for Garmin device

LOUISVILLE, KY. Garmin made two announcements here this morning at the Mid-America Trucking Show. The company said that its Garmin dēzl 560 device has received a software update, allowing it to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations for automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRD).

Garmin also announced a telematics tracking API that will allow licensed developers to incorporate the company’s tracking functionalities into their own applications. Garmin provides a software development kit (SDK) in the form of a web API that works in conjunction with Garmin’s GTU 10 tracking device so developers can create applications.

The GTU 10 device includes a built-in GPS receiver and a wireless module with nationwide coverage across AT&T’s wireless network. The SDK allows developers to access a range of information, including data on the current location of the tracking device, where it has been and for how long it stayed at specific locations.  Users can also set up a geofence to get alerts when the device crosses in or out of a defined area, Garmin said.

An example of the product, Garmin said, is a new GPS light developed by Babaco. The GTU 10 device is installed into a trailer tracking light from Babaco, which can be installed in place of an existing trailer light. The GTU 10 device is charged when the trailer lights are on, allowing users to ping a trailer on demand as well as scheduling up to 12 pings a day on an automated basis, Garmin said.

The system also allows users to set up geo-fences to report whenever they arrive or depart depots or distribution centers.   

The dēzl 560LMT is a trucking-specific navigation device with a 5-in. display, speaker, and external video input for backup cameras. The device includes speed limits, truck-specific routing, and points of interest with detailed maps and turn-by-turn directions.

The new software update allows it to record a driver’s hours-of-service when integrated with a telematics data transponder, making it AOBRD compliant to replace paper logs.

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