Updated ClimaCab being introduced

LOUISVILLE, KY. Crosspoint Solutions, which acquired the rights to manufacture the ClimaCab battery-powered APU last year, is introducing an updated version of the model this week at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

“Our engineering team has done extensive reliability and performance testing to the SAE J1455 and ASHRE standards to ensure reliability and performance of ClimaCab. These tests include electrical and environmental, as well as air conditioning, to ensure the product meets and exceeds the requirements of the trucking industry,” said Henry Janzen, CEO.

According to the company, updates in ClimaCab 3.0 include a 20% increase in cooling capacity, improved battery management and simplifying diagnostic and programming capabilities. The result is increased run times, greater comfort and longer battery life, Crosspoint said.

Additional improvements to the unit will include the spring release of the 3.0 version of its diagnostic tool, Nanuk, with additional programming capabilities and Windows 8 support. Users of ClimaCab 3.0 can expect more than 12 hours of temperature control, Crosspoint said.

ClimaCab 3.0 includes the company’s patented Start Assist feature, which allows starting batteries to be charged by the auxiliary batteries, and a USB-based data port that collects system operational data that the Nanuk program analyzes to produce a Compass dashboard. The dashboard report enables fleets to review the system run time, battery state of charge, temperature averages and an ROI calculation to report fuel savings.

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