Wabco unveils tire pressure monitoring, air suspension

LOUISVILLE, KY. Wabco Holdings has introduced its new IVTM technology, an integrated electronic tire pressure monitoring system, here at the Mid-America Trucking Show. The company also unveiled a new air suspension it said will reduce fuel use and improve vehicle handling.

Using IVTM can increase tire life up to 20%, Wabco said. The system fits all types of vehicles, from light-duty up through heavy duty, and can be fitted on vehicles with up to 20 wheels. By maintaining proper tire inflation, users could see a reduction of fuel consumption of as much as 2%.

The system also detects slow leaks which contribute to heat build-up, increasing the chances of a tire failure, the company said.

“Wabco’s new and improved technology for tire pressure monitoring is the industry’s only tire information system of its kind for trucks, buses and trailers,” said Nikhil Varty, vice president, Americas. “Our unique IVTM system is another example of Wabco’s technology leadership and it enables vehicle manufacturers and fleets to benefit from Wabco’s newest advancements in vehicle safety and efficiency.”

IVTM uses external wheel-mounted sensors to measure tire pressure and transmits that information wirelessly to an electronic control unit, which alerts the driver.

Wabco also displayed a new generation ofelectronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) technology. Touting it as an industry first, Wabco said the system will reduce fuel costs while making vehicles more efficient and environmentally friendly.

“Wabco’s new generation of ECAS improves vehicle safety and driver effectiveness, boosts fuel efficiency and reduces environmental impact. Our passion is to continue meeting the rising standards of truck and bus makers in North America and internationally,” said Varty.

According to Wabco, ECAS maximizes the traction performance of 6x2 trucks while minimizing tire wear. It also saves fuel by lowering the vehicle’s chassis and lifting axles, which helps reduce the vehicle’s aerodynamic and rolling resistance. The company this will allow companies to spec 6x2 trucks rather than 6x4 trucks.

It works by keeping the vehicle parallel to the road surface at a pre-set level, leading to optimal load protection and stable vehicle operation, Wabco said. It will also monitor axle loads, includes a memory function that returns the vehicle to its original level following unloading, and a hand-held remote control to give drivers control to adjust the vehicle’s height from either inside or outside the cab.

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