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Vigillo adds another data stream to its Roadside Resume

Company is partnering with SpeedGauge to add over-speed information to its real-time driver reports.

Steven Bryan, president of Vigillo.

Steven Bryan, president of Vigillo.

ORLANDO. Following a four-month pilot test, Vigillo – a division of SambaSafety – is now integrating vehicle speed data gathered by SpeedGauge software into its “Roadside Resume” real-time reporting program in order to help drivers and fleets alike target behind-the-wheel behaviors that impact safety and the overall cost of operations.

“By working with us to bring multiple channels of information into Roadside Resume, [we] are collaborating to provide the industry with a focused, unified, comprehensive view into safety,” explained Steven Bryan, president of Vigillo, during a press meeting here at the 2017 American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference & Exhibition (MC&E).

“With new partners like SpeedGauge we can continue to break down ‘data silos’ and enable drivers and motor carriers to analyze continuously updated and correlated safety information,” he explained.

Bryan added that Vigillo is looking to integrate other data streams as well into Roadside Resume, such as hours-of-service (HOS) information gather from electronic logging devices (ELDs) and ”metadata” from in-cab video systems.

“There’s an interesting set of data collected by camera systems; data that helps ‘trigger’ video recordings, such as distracted driving behaviors,” he said.

Capturing such data would add further detail to the driver safety profiles created by “Roadside Resume” and keep that information all in one place, Bryan noted; all displayed via a single dashboard that applies a proprietary scoring methodology that quickly and easily identifies a carrier’s riskiest drivers.

 “Roadside Resume is a ‘lens’ into safety for easily identifying risky on- and off-the-job behavior based on a scientific analysis of data that is correlated to crash risk,” he added. “Its ability to break down individual data sources and flow data together provides a laser-focused view of a commercial driver’s safety profile.”

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