Watch Out

The Highway Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Highway ISAC) today issued a request to all members of the trucking industry to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. This request was made in response to credible threats received by federal law enforcement agencies to financial infrastructure targets in New York City, Newark, NJ, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

According to the advisory, trucking industry members should be aware of:

  • Missing vehicles including trucks, buses, vans, pickups, and service vehicles
  • Missing uniforms and equipment that can be used to gain access to restricted areas
  • Large purchases of chemicals, commercial fertilizer and/or any possibly dangerous materials to persons/companies that normally wouldn’t be making such purchases
  • Any thefts of possibly dangerous materials, to include hazardous chemicals, fuels, and/or explosives
  • Any suspicious behavior by persons in and around your workplace, or in any areas frequented by those who may receive this bulletin, including employees

    Any companies with missing vehicles, equipment, or suspicious purchase orders as previously mentioned should fax contact information and a complete, descriptive list to 703-838-1850.

    If anyone sees any suspicious behavior or has any missing vehicles, contact the Highway Watch program at 877-872-7233 (877-USA-SAFE).

    Highway ISAC is operated by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and works in conjunction with the Transportation Security Administration and federal intelligence agencies to gather information via the trucking industry.

    “Law enforcement through Highway Watch has deputized the [trucking] industry,” said Don L. Rondeau, Highway ISAC director, commenting on the industry’s role given the recently elevated scrutiny for car and truck bombs as choice weapons for terrorists to hit financial targets. “We’re going to operate under an increased level of communication— we increased our staffing at our headquarters.”

    For an updated list of commercial vehicle restrictions as a result of the recently elevated terror warnings, check the Highway Watch site.

    Trucks Checks in Connecticut

    Weigh stations in Greenwich and Danbury will stay open 24/7, with enforcement teams checking license, registration, loads and destination, according to the Connecticut Post Online.

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