NCSC Expands Security Certification

The National Cargo Security Council (NCSC) has wrapped up a year-long effort to expand its certification for cargo-security professionals, revamping its curriculum to address both theft and terrorist threats to freight transportation networks.

“Cargo theft and terrorism are the twin threats to the safety and security of world commerce, requiring an ever-increasing level of sophistication, education and technology,” said David Jones, NCSC’s chairman and vp of security & loss prevention for Tommy Hilfiger.

The revamped certification program – entitled the Certified Supply Chain Protection Professional (CSCPP) – is now more international in scope and is the result of collaboration among 26 private sector, government, association, and university groups. The NCSC added that the program can be completed either in a classroom setting at participating colleges and universities, at certain conventions and special seminars, or via the Internet.

Core competencies include business processes, federal regulations, management, IT, investigation, technology, quality assurance and emergency response, with each tailored to a specific transportation mode – air, truck, sea, etc. NCSC said it could take from one to six years to complete the certification process depending on the venue used and scheduling of sessions. More information is available at

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