Werner Upping Driver Pay

Omaha, NE-based truckload carrier Werner Enterprises is increasing its pay for solo company drivers in its medium-to-long-haul Van division by two cents per mile, effective this month. This move will boost the pay for approximately one quarter of the carrier’s driver force, said Greg Werner, president & COO.

“This pay raise [is] to retain and attract more drivers to meet increasing customer demand for our services,” he said.

The carrier expects to offset the cost of higher driver pay by charging higher rates due to the “expressed desire” on the part of its customer base for increased truck capacity.

Werner said a substantial portion of its freight is under contract with customers and provides for annual pricing increases. Much of this business renews in the latter part of the third quarter and fourth quarter and, starting this week, the company is conducting meetings with its entire sales force to begin the rate increase process with customers.

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