TA Adds Reefer Service

TravelCenters of America (TA) is expanding its service offerings to include maintenance of refrigerated trailers at TA travel centers nationwide. TA already offers the service at 25 of its locations.

Two levels of preventative maintenance (PM) services for refrigerated units are being offered: the Premium Refrigerated PM package and Ultimate Refrigerated PM. These services cost $89.95 and $104.95, respectively.

The premium service offers an oil change along with a 30-point inspection. The ultimate service consists of the premium service, along with pre-trip diagnostics which include checking the vehicle for abnormal noise or vibration, checking indicator lights, inspecting the reefer unit for leaks or other necessary repairs, and running a microprocessor for any codes that appear.

By the end of the year, TA expects these new services to be introduced to all its locations.

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