Clean Cities Supports Anti-Idling

The Clean Cities Program, a subsidiary of the U.S. Dept. of Energy, announced it has funded three projects to reduce truck idling. These three projects, along with 63 others, were funded through the 2004 SEP Clean Cities Special Projects solicitation.

The anti-truck idling projects are:

  • California, Greater Sacramento Clean Air Coalition, Truck Idling Using Shore Power, $80,000
  • New Mexico, Land of Enchantment, Pony Pack Idle Elimination Data Acquisition, $100,000
  • New York, Genesee, Idling Reduction Infrastructure Deployment, $100,000

    The goal of the Clean Cities Program is to advance the economic, environmental, and energy security of the United States by supporting local decisions to adopt practices that contribute to the reduction of petroleum consumption in the transportation sector.

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