ALK Improves Routing Software

ALK Technologies, Inc. has released updated Unix and new Linux versions of its PC*Miller 18 software. These new offerings feature an expanded database and other improvements.

PC*Miller Unix and Linux features include:

  • nationwide Canadian truck-specific street-level data (Add-On Module)
  • state Weigh Stations as routable points to plan stops more effectively
  • Mexico State abbreviations
  • route Optimization capabilities enhanced to enable resequencing an unlimited number of stops for more efficient route planning
  • U.S. Department of Defense and General Services Administration Compliance to generate distances for approved freight rating and billing
  • Driving directions and state/country mileage summaries now include road clearance warnings and other restrictions

    “Users will benefit from the enhancements made to significantly improve the performance and compatibility of all PC*Miler solutions,” said Kara Jo Witkowski, product manager, PC*Miler Business Solutions.

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