Cube Route Enters U.S. Market

Cube Route, a Toronto-based provider of on-demand logistics services, is expanding into the United States with the opening of offices in Chicago and Boston.

By establishing a local presence in the U.S market, Cube Route says it can “support the needs of U.S.-based organizations that want to reduce operational costs and improve service through increased visibility into the supply chain.”

Cube Route says its logistics solution is offered as a service and enables organizations with private or dedicated fleets “to cost-effectively streamline and gain visibility into last-mile delivery operations.” The firm notes it is already serving some U.S. customers, including the Peapod grocery-delivery operation.

“By opening offices in the US, we can begin executing on our growth strategy and exploit the potential of the transportation industry in this market,” said Claude Germain, CEO of Cube Route. “With the Cube Route service, organizations minimize the operational and financial risks of deploying traditional logistics software, yet can reap the rewards at a fraction of the cost and without lengthy and complicated deployments.” Derek Cunniam, vp-sales, will head up Cube Route’s U.S. sales operations.

Cube Route says its on-demand logistics service combines advanced tracking, planning and routing functionality with the simplicity of web-based service delivery. It’s offered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

For more information on Cube Route, go to or phone 877-227-6883.

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