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FedEx Freight Expands Network

FedEx Freight, the LTL subsidiary of overnight shipping giant FedEx, is expanding its regional network. The company is adding new service centers in Aurora, IL, and Fremont, IN, while growing capacity at five other locations.

“Ongoing investment in our infrastructure has always been a critical component of our success,” said Douglas Duncan, FedEx Freight’s president & CEO. “Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating customer demand for our service and proactively expanding or opening new facilities to add the necessary capacity to our network … to more effectively handle additional freight from our customers.”

The carrier’s new service center in Aurora is four times the size of its previous building and expands service capacity for the metro Chicago area. The new facility has 101 dock doors, up from 28. It is a 61,680 sq. ft. center and includes a four-bay maintenance shop and an on-site fuel station.

the Fremont location, which functions as a hub for transferring freight to other service centers, was added to accommodate growing demand from the Midwest – specifically Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. The new 120-door center includes a maintenance shop as well as on-site fueling on a 43-acre lot.

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