Power2Ship Links with TruckersB2B

Boca Raton, FL-based Power2Ship, an Internet-based freight-tracking provider, has made a deal with online marketplace TruckersB2B – owned by truckload carrier Celadon Group – to market its product to TruckersB2B’s audience of 16,500 fleets.

Power2Ship said its new P2S Carrier Quick Start program will allow approved trucking companies to gain access to the Power2Ship MobileMarket system, making available their capacity to the shippers served by Power2Ship’s program.

“We have recognized from our inception that achieving equilibrium between member carrier capacity and shipper loads would be a fine balancing act,” said Michael Darden, the company’s president.

“The fact that the transportation industry has been experiencing a tightening of capacity over the past few months could make our solution even more appealing to shippers struggling to move freight,” he added. “Small-to mid-size carriers, representing the bulk of our members, still have the most underutilized assets. We expect that letting them know about our MobileMarket through the TruckersB2B launch should generate a significant increase in our number of member carriers.”

Power2Ship noted that a marketing campaign in support of its system via TruckersB2B is scheduled to begin this month.

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