Delphi to Make Blind Spots Visible

Delphi Corp. is embarking on a series of tests in Germany of its Forewarn system, designed to reduce blind-spot areas on commercial trucks.

“We believe providing fleet operators and owners with such technologies will help them save money and provide a safer driving environment for everyone on the road,” said Dr. Glenn Widmann, Delphi’s chief engineer for integrated safety systems. “Blind spots are a safety problem that continues to plague the commercial vehicle market. Due to their size, commercial vehicles present greater visibility challenges for drivers.”

Widmann said Delphi’s Forewarn collision warning systems are designed to alert truck drivers to pedestrians and obstacles in their blind spots to the front, sides and rear of the vehicle. By providing a 360º “electronic cocoon” around the perimeter of the vehicle, these devices warn drivers when objects are present in visually obstructed areas around a vehicle, he said.

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