Symbol, Nextel to Develop All-in-One Handheld

Symbol is taking its mobile asset management technology and integrating it with Nextel’s full wireless network offerings. The result will be an all-in-one Symbol handheld computer mated with the full offerings of Nextel’s iDEN cellular network.

The advantage of this synergy will be the development of a mobile computer with digital cellular voice capabilities, two-way messaging, push-to talk, Nationwide Direct Connect, Nextel Online, and GPS (global positioning system), the companies said.

The transportation and distribution are among the most obvious segments that will reap the benefits, Nextel said.

Both companies will deliver the product directly to businesses, or via each other’s channel partner and reseller networks.

“This joint effort will help our customers take advantage of potential productivity gains enabled by integrated wireless mobile computers with enhanced data capture,” said Chuck Dourlet, Symbol vp— mobile computing product marketing.

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