TCA to Discuss Carriers’ Contract Rights

The Truckload Carriers Assn. (TCA) is hosting a two-part audio conference on contract rights.

The first part, scheduled for October 28, 2004, is titled “How to Establish Enforced Standard Procedures for Accessorial Charges, Billing Practices, Credit Terms, Collection, and more.”

The second part, slated for February 17, 2005, is dubbed “How to Establish and Enforce Maximum Liability Limits for Cargo Loss and Damage, Avoid Special and Consequential Liability, Overly Broad Indemnifications, Offsets and more.”

The sessions will discuss the proper use of three documents: bills of lading, carrier’s service conditions or rules circular, and bilateral contracts.

For more details email [email protected] or contact Virginia DeRoze at 703-838-1950.

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